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MMI Engineering has launched its web version of QUARTS - a patented Quantitative Real Time Hazard Simulator designed to improve situational awareness of Oil & Gas personnel in the event of a major incident.

QUARTS is based on a novel (patented) technology that uses particle systems to realistically model the effects of hazards and their effects on personnel. Before developing the 3D immersive environment, the particle-based fire models were developed in a 'sanbox' environment for testing. Changing the pressure and hole size changes the number of particles produced, their velocity and lifetimes so as to produce a flame length that was calibrated against simple methods (eg Yellow Book). The particles are also influenced by the wind and interaction with other solid bodies. Shielding or shadowing is dealt with by the game engine’s in-built ray casting capability. The Sandbox used to calibrate the model can be found by clicking below. 


The full 3D simulator uses the settings developed in the calibrated model so that realistic fires representing pressure and holes size are simulated. As the ‘actor’ navigates around the platform they are exposed to realistic thermal radiation and therefore accrue a realistic thermal dose. Probit models are used to calculate likely injury and fatality probabilities for the actor subjected to radiation exposure, falls from height and a fatality probability is reported for entering the sea. Injury and fatality levels are presented for the cases with and without personal protective equipment. 

The 3D simulator can be accessed here. The mouse is used to look around and the arrow keys to move. The mouse keys are also used to run (right click) and jump (left click). The mission is to get back to the TR without being hurt.