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MMI can provide the specialist knowledge and design analysis for aircraft fluid and thermal systems.

Detailed design analysis of civil or military aircraft fluid and thermal systems can be performed by MMI Engineering’s team of security cleared engineers using industry standard, 1-dimensional and 3-dimensional analysis software tools.  MMI consider the optimization of stand-alone and integrated systems, including system control.  We seek out and assess risks and opportunities on system performance whilst balancing their impacts on weight, safety and reliability.

MMI can provide engineers and consultancy services to facilitate the analysis and design of all fluid systems, including all fuel systems, cabin ventilation (distribution and in-cabin flows), hydraulic systems, and wing anti-icing systems.  MMI have assisted Airbus UK in the design of their A350, A380 and A400M aircraft.  Services provided have included 1-dimensional design assessments on the sub-systems performance relating to propulsion and wing design; Refuel, Air to Air Receipt and Dispense, Engine and APU Feed, Fuel Transfer, Tank Venting, Fuel Jettison, Fuel scavenge and Tank Inerting.  Wing anti-icing systems have been analyzed using 3-dimensional CFD techniques, including the conjugate heat transfer phenomena.

System analysis contributes towards determining that an aircraft design meets the necessary performance, safety and reliability requirements through aircraft ground testing, flight testing and certification prior to entry into service.  Analyses support continuous product development of the aircraft in-service to further improve the performance and reliability.