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Aerospace – Services

Design of aircraft fluid systems cannot be achieved without detailed analysis.

Utilising industry standard software tools, MMI Engineering’s dedicated team of engineers can provide detailed analysis of fluid and thermal systems using 3-dimensional CFD techniques or 1-dimensional network modelling methods. Analysis enables the designer to fully understand the impact any design choice will have on aircraft safety or performance.

Wing anti-icing systems require the application of complex flow and conjugate heat transfer analysis techniques on detailed geometry models of leading edge d-bays and engine bleed air supply piccolo tubes. This ensures that the design meets temperature requirements in order to avoid ice accretion on the wing surface, which could adversely affect the aircraft’s performance and safety. Our expertise lies in the performance of these 3D CFD analyses, which we have provided to Airbus in order to assist with the design of the A380 and A350 anti-icing systems.

Fuel systems require the application of network modeling techniques to ensure acceptable performance over the full operational envelope of the aircraft. Each of the different sub-systems (e.g. refuel, engine/APU feed, transfer, vent and inerting) has to be analysed over the full operational envelope (altitude, pitch, fuel type) to ensure that the aircraft design can meet or exceed the requirements to ensure aircraft safety and performance. MMI have provided this expertise to Airbus to assist in the design of the A380, A35XWB and A400M fuel systems.

Cabin ventilation systems require the combination of both 3D and 1D analysis and design assessment techniques. Together, these assess the pipe distribution system and the in-cabin flow patterns to ensure passenger comfort.

Hydraulic systems require the mechanics and fluid dynamics of the actuation system equipment to be assessed, as this ensures that the design safely meets all of the operating requirements.