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Fuel Systems 2017-01-26T13:47:16-05:00

Fuel Systems

In order to design an aircraft fuel system that meets the requirements of a complete flight envelope, detailed analysis is key.

MMI Engineering provides technical consulting services to enable a full understanding of the impact that any design aspect and equipment selection has on the performance of an aircraft’s fuel sub-system, including:

  • Refuel / defuel
  • Air to air refueling (receipt and dispense)
  • Engine feed / APU feed
  • Transfer
  • Fuel tank inerting
  • Fuel tank venting
  • Fuel jettison
  • Fuel scavenge

A fuel system is a complex entity of multiple sub-systems, interacting to accommodate external influences, such as aircraft pitch, altitude and pilot demand – whilst meeting the complex requirements necessary to ensure aircraft performance and safety. A successful design takes into account all of these variables, as well as fuel type, pipe routing and equipment characteristics, through the application of system analysis. MMI have provided this service, using the analysis tool Flowmaster, to major aerospace manufacturers, such as Airbus, and have been involved in system analysis for AAIB as part of a crash investigation. MMI staff have full security clearance, meaning that work can be conducted on behalf of both military and civil projects.