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Clean Energy 2018-03-12T10:13:21-04:00

Clean Energy

MMI Engineering is a recognised leader in risk management in wind energy, marine energy, carbon capture and sequestration and hydrogen production, storage and use.

The need for cheaper less environmentally damaging sources of energy is growing rapidly. New industries are flourishing to meet this demand. MMI provides its clients in the low carbon energy sector with a wide range of services to meet their technical and commercial requirements.

MMI provides structural, mechanical, geotechnical engineering and risk assessment services to support a wide range of renewable and clean energy sectors including:-

  • Onshore Wind Energy
  • Offshore Wind Energy
  • Wave, Current and Tidal Energy
  • Carbon Capture and Sequestration
  • Hydrogen Production, Storage and Distribution

In all of these sectors, MMI provides services through the project life cycle, from concept selection, through design, construction, commissioning, operation and decommissioning.