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Clean Energy Services 2017-01-26T13:17:02-05:00

Clean Energy Services

Innovation alloyed with engineering excellence.

As clean energy alternatives are sought across the globe, MMI Engineers bring their experience and versatility to bear on a range of issues, including:-

  • Concept evaluation and planning of offshore wind farms
  • Land planning guidance for onshore wind turbines
  • The evaluation and mitigation of risks at all stages of carbon capture and sequestration projects
  • The development of innovative solutions for many other renewable energy projects

MMI Engineers transfer skills and experience from other sectors to help the renewable energy sector successfully manage its risks. The services that MMI provides include:-

  • Structural and foundation analysis
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Escape and Evacuation Assessment
  • Development of Management System & Procedures
  • Operational Risk Assessment
  • Fluid Mechanics Including CAP 437 Assessments