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Fluid Mechanics 2018-03-12T10:13:21-04:00

Fluid Mechanics

The characterization of fluid flow is key to safe and efficient alternative energy systems, be they carbon capture, wind or tidal power.

MMI Engineering provides expertise in a range of fluid mechanics and thermodynamics techniques, which have been applied to a variety of alternative energy systems. Applications range from CFD consequence analysis of hazards associated with toxic gas release and dispersion, to the detailed modelling of hydrogen explosions, to analyzing the designs of proposed tidal power devices.

The importance of reducing carbon dioxide emissions is now widely accepted, with a number of industrial scale power generation projects underway that feature Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). In addition, wind and tidal energy are beginning to becoming widespread, and other measures, such as the use of hydrogen as a fuel for transport, are also being considered. MMI Engineering is active in all of these area, helping our clients achieve regulatory and public acceptance for novel and challenging projects.

Large scale carbon capture and storage presents many engineering and hazard management challenges. MMI has provided fluid mechanics services to several pioneering CCS projects, providing consequence modelling to support the assessment of major accident hazards. For example, CFD methods have been used to assess the release and dispersion of high pressure liquid and supercritical carbon dioxide.

Models to predict the complex behaviour of full-bore pipeline ruptures have been developed and applied to projects in the UK and world-wide. Similar CFD methods have been applied to hydrogen and syngas deflagration and detonation, to assist clients in the CCS area and in support of hydrogen for transport fueling facilities. MMI is also able to assist clients in the wind and tidal power area, with site wind pattern studies, aerodynamic design and CFD studies to assist in the design of tidal power devices.