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Structures and Foundations Design 2017-07-11T05:53:35-04:00

Structures and Foundations Design

MMI’s expertise provides foundations of many wind energy projects.

The MMI team has the experience and breadth of skills required to address the unusual design challenges that are posed by today’s innovative renewable energy concepts.

We provide structural and foundation design services to support a wide range of renewable energy projects, including:

  • Offshore Wind Energy
  • Offshore Wave, Current & Tidal Energy
  • Wind Energy Sited on Land Fill

MMI provides consulting services to power utilities, developers, operators, contractors, financial institutions, insurance companies and regulatory agencies. Our design services include:

  • Piled & Mat Founded Structures
  • FEED, Preliminary & Detailed Design
  • Design Certification & Verification
  • Owner’s Engineer Representation

MMI specializes on the thorough and rigorous analysis of foundations, fixed and floating support structures used for offshore wind, wave and tidal energy systems. In offshore systems, our team has demonstrated the ability to develop robust foundations and structural solutions based on a complete understanding of the effects of the marine environment and the ability to apply sound engineering principals to each unique project. In land-based applications, our team provides a strong combination of geotechnical and structural expertise to address renewable energy projects on brown field sites and locations with complex foundation requirements.