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Onshore Wind 2017-01-26T13:13:13-05:00

Onshore Wind

MMI manages structural and safety risks for onshore wind operations.

Advances in blade design and control system technologies have resulted in larger, more efficient, wind turbines that make wind power commercially attractive. These larger systems require robust foundations designed to withstand substantial wind loads. MMI provides an integrated solution to address the loads, structural and foundation design requirements to meet these needs.

MMI provides structural, mechanical and geotechnical engineering services to the wind industry with a specific focus on the development of foundations for sites with unusual or complex soils. These services include:

  • The simulation of wind load for normal operating and extreme conditions
  • Fully coupled, soil-foundation-structure-turbine, analysis to evaluate the dynamic response of the system and to develop engineering solutions that avoid resonance conditions
  • The design of mat, gravity and piled foundations
  • Foundation improvement through deep soil mixing
  • Wind turbines foundations for landfill sites

MMI has developed the RAPTUR software tool for analysing the risks to people and vulnerable infrastructure due to nearby onshore wind turbines that helps planners, developers and regulators to understand any adverse societal impacts onshore wind turbines may incur.