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Civil Power

In an Industry that spans four generations, evolving challenges are met head-on by one constant: engineering excellence.

About 440 nuclear reactors are currently in operation in 29 countries; 104 in the U.S. and 19 in the U.K. Many of these operate beyond their original 40 year design life. The recent concerns surrounding climate change have changed the public’s perception of Nuclear Power and placed it firmly back on the agenda of many governments. Newbuild Nuclear Power Plant are slated for construction across the globe whilst existing plant lives are extended by the use of improved technology to improve the sophistication of engineering substantiation. MMI staff have experience across all aspects of the civil nuclear power industry, working from design to decommissioning.

Maintenance, reactor power uprates, plant life extension and addressing the constantly evolving regulatory requirements pose significant engineering challenges for a body of professionals whose numbers have shrunk during the last few decades due to the stagnation of the Nuclear industry in many countries. Engineering and construction of long term storage facilities for spent nuclear fuel are still in the early stages and will require major efforts from the professional community. The 9/11 terrorist attacks raised concerns of malevolent attacks on nuclear facilities and led to new engineering and design challenges to harden these facilities against terrorist attacks. Newbuild programmes are rolling out across the globe amidst increasing public acceptance of the industry.

The Nuclear Power Industry is at once reaching for technological solutions at the end of a pioneering cycle as it embarks on a renaissance and MMI is well placed to assist in helping our clients meet the manifold challenges.