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Decommissioning & Disposal 2018-03-12T10:13:22-04:00

Decommissioning & Disposal

If waste can’t be disposed of safely, there is no viable future for the Nuclear Industry.

MMI engineers have worked on a wide variety of projects dealing with the waste from Nuclear power. We have experts with decades of experience providing detailed studies as well as experience in major project management and delivery.

Public perception of the ‘cleanliness’ of Nuclear Power has changed recently with the advent of the climate change debate and the realisation that CO2 is a pollutant. One of the concerns that remains is whether the waste from Nuclear Power can be safely removed and disposed of, with assurances for waste storage integrity required for hundreds of thousands of years.

MMI provides a range of experience and skill set suitable for tackling any technical issues surrounding the safe removal and storage of nuclear waste material. With experience ranging from design of ventilation, modeling of sludges, long term integrity of civil engineering constructions and the delivery of a major low-intermediate level waste repository MMI can be called on to assist the industry in keeping the Nuclear options open.