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Evolution and revolution – nuclear power provides the key to sustainable, clean and reliable energy.

New nuclear power generation is needed to secure adequate base load capacity, particularly as we move towards a low carbon economy. MMI is working with operators and designers to ensure the safety of a new generation of Nuclear Power Plant.

Nuclear is the only electricity source that can generate electricity 24/7 reliably, efficiently and with no greenhouse-gas emissions. In the US, maintaining nuclear energy’s current 20 percent share of generation would require building about one reactor per year starting in 2016, based on the DOE forecast. The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission is currently reviewing license applications for 22 new nuclear power reactors; nine new units are planned in the UK; more than 300 are planned worldwide; more than 60 reactors are being constructed in 15 countries.

While many of the new reactors will be evolutionary designs, building on the technology of the currently operating units with improved, passive safety systems, reactors with significant new technology are also being developed. To ease the challenge of huge capital demands associated with the large nuclear units, new small (less than 300 MW) units are being developed for implementation in scalable “farms” with 12 to 24 units built at a single location.

MMI is well-placed to apply our experience in assisting designers, operators and contractors working on evolutionary and revolutionary designs in ensuring safety in these new generations of Nuclear Power Plant.