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External Hazards 2017-07-11T06:17:56-04:00

External Hazards

Designing nuclear plants to withstand external hazards.

MMI Engineering’s structural mechanics capabilities have significant applicability within the nuclear power industry. An important design consideration for nuclear power facilities is to provide protection against external events that can be either human induced such as malevolent aircraft crash, and natural phenomena such as earthquake, flood or tornado.

Through many man-years’ experience of working in the nuclear power industry, for operators, designers and regulators, MMI offers highly qualified and effective support to nuclear power plant vendors, plant owners and operators in addressing a variety of engineering challenges. MMI provides expertise in deterministic and probabilistic methods to demonstrate and substantiate the safe operation of NPP when subjected to the following load types:

Probabilistic Methods

  • Seismic probabilistic safety assessment
  • Probabilistic seismic fragility analysis of equipment and buildings
  • Natural hazard quantification – earthquake, flood, tornado, hurricane
  • Ground motion generation

Deterministic Methods

  • Impact analysis due to tornado missiles, malevolent aircraft impact