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Independent Review 2018-03-12T10:13:21-04:00

Independent Review

Independent review is an essential part of assuring the highest possible standards in the design of nuclear systems, structures and components. MMI performs ITA and IPR services in a number of technical areas.

MMI employs Suitably Qualified and Experienced Personnel (SQEP) with the depth of experience to effectively and independently review safety and design activities for nuclear facilities, ensuring that suitable modern standards have been followed and that detailed tasks have been correctly executed. MMI engineers have performed ITA and IPR on structural, structural integrity and process safety issues.

Nuclear facilities must be designed and operated in accordance with robust, comprehensive safety cases. The design requirements which flow from the safety case must then be properly implemented so that the assumptions made in the safety case are justified. It is therefore essential that the design of any System, Structure or Component (SSC) is based on a conservative definition of the applied loads; that a suitable means of dealing with these loads is devised; and the detailed design of the SSC is correctly implemented to meet modern standards. Due to the potential for errors and omissions to be made in the design process, it is necessary for safety cases and design activities to be subject to high quality, auditable and independent peer review or technical assessment. MMI is experienced in the systematic review of design documentation and is capable of engaging designers to clearly communicate concerns and to agree suitable resolution, to the benefit of the overall safety case.