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Process Engineering 2018-03-12T10:13:21-04:00

Process Engineering

MMI’s expertise in process engineering assists our clients manage operational risks and improve efficiencies.

Cooling and Piping Systems

MMI Engineering has the expertise to design cooling systems to ensure that such safety critical systems remain fully operation under all but the most exceptional of circumstances. We assist our clients in designing pipework and selecting appropriate equipment for normal operation and to improve understanding of the impact of event scenarios.

Our use of network modelling tools enables us to determine optimum pipe sizes and routing to minimise pressure losses and ensure the required cooling flow under normal operating conditions.  Analysis of event scenarios, such as pump trip or valve failure, enables us to assess emergency responses to system failures, ensuring appropriate control is applied and equipment is selected to maintain safe operation.

Immobilizing ILW for Safe Storage and Disposal

The encapsulation of legacy nuclear wastes in a cement grout is an important strategy for the safe decommissioning of redundant nuclear plant in the UK. MMI Engineering have been involved in many modelling studies to assess the encapsulation process for intermediate level waste (ILW) materials. These studies have included,

  • The calculation of hydrogen release events from ILW during retrieval, transport and processing
  • The modeling of the encapsulation process, including calculation of gas and dust releases from the process equipment itself
  • The assessment of heat, hydrogen and humidity emanating from curing waste forms in storage and the effects on building ventilations systems including filters

An important aspect of safely processing ILW is the management of hydrogen that may be liberated by the waste or during the encapsulation process. MMI Engineering are able to assess and advise on the use of Nitrogen and Argon inerting, enhanced forced ventilation and hydrogen re-combiners to maintain a safe working atmosphere.

Waste forms produced in this way are ultimately destined for long term storage in an underground repository and MMI Engineering are actively engaged with supply chain companies responsible for the design of the UK generic disposal facility (GDF).