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Structural Integrity 2017-07-11T06:18:25-04:00

Structural Integrity

The failure of many components in Nuclear Power Plants have the potential for extremely high consequences. As a result, the demonstration that these components remain fit for purpose require the highest levels of rigour during design and continued operation.

MMI Engineering employs staff experienced in providing analysis of the required quality and rigour to make such demonstrations.

Specific services that MMI offers to help assure structural integrity include:-

  • Static and Dynamic Finite Element Analysis
  • Thermal transient modellings (e.g. LOCA)
  • Probabilistic analysis of containment ultimate capacity for use in Level 2 probabilistic safety assessment
  • Impact analysis due to wind-borne missiles, malevolent aircraft impact, pipe whip or dropped objects
  • Analysis of structural response to hydrodynamic loads

Structural integrity services:-

  • Fatigue
  • Low and high temperature fracture assessment (R6, R5, BS 7910, ASME XI)
  • Two-parameter fracture mechanics (T, Q, hydrostatic stresses)
  • Local approaches to determine fracture probability for both brittle and ductile fracture regimes
  • Strain based fracture methods