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The development of an LNG infrastructure on a global scale has unlocked the potential of natural gas to be a world market traded commodity.

MMI Engineering provides technical consulting services to manage risk onsite as well as off site. In this fast developing segment of energy provision, MMI assists clients in:-

  • Development of safety reports
  • Cryogenic vapour and explosion modelling
  • Plant lay-out consultation
  • LNG specific emergency response
  • Definition of passive cryogenic and fire protection requirements
  • Seismic assessments for LNG sites
  • Quantified risk assessments for LNG sites
  • Line surge analysis
  • Structural integrity analysis

MMI Engineering provides consulting services to LNG asset developers and facility operators. MMI is involved in all stages of LNG projects, from initial development through design, construction and commissioning into operations. We have experience with application of both EN1473 and NFPA 59A.

Increasing popularity of LNG means that LNG is transported between a growing number of loading and offloading facilities. Often located close to industrial and populated areas, LNG safety is of primary importance in establishing and operating such facilities. This requires an in-depth understanding of the processes involved and the technical options available, to manage risks to tolerable levels.