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Anti-Terrorism 2018-03-12T10:13:21-04:00


Reduce your vulnerability and mitigate the effects of attack to deter terrorists.

MMI Engineering provides consulting services that can help reduce the risk of terrorist attacks on oil and gas assets and facilities.  We find the weak points in procedures and physical security using proven vulnerability assessment processes and recommend mitigation strategies to cost-effectively harden your facility.

Oil and gas companies and their facilities represent inviting targets to terrorists. This is due to the potential high consequences of attacks in terms of the effects of major releases of hazardous substances on the community and the environment, economic damage to the company, and psychological impact on the wider industry and even the country or region.

MMI assists clients in combating the terrorist threat by applying hardening tactics that reduce the probability that attacks will occur at your facility and mitigation strategies that reduce the severity of the consequence if an attack does occur. MMI has experience in developing security programs to protect high value assets in both well developed and austere locations.