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Environmental Risk 2018-03-12T10:13:21-04:00

Environmental Risk

Environmental risks cannot be completely removed, but they can be managed effectively.

Regulators around the world are strengthening their approach to the regime under which offshore operators are regulated, with increased inspections and potential regulatory change. The production of oil and gas has inherent risks to the environment, but with proper management and technologies, these risks can be reduced significantly. MMI’s experience and capability in dealing with the causes of environmental incidents can significantly assist the operator in the reduction of environmental consequences.

MMI’s engineering capabilities can support clients at all stages of oil and gas production from conceptual design, commissioning, operation and de-commissioning at the end of the assets life. Audit, Environmental Hazard Identification studies, Bow-Tie analysis and disaster planning all contribute to understanding the issues and ensuring preparedness should an incident occur.

For onshore facilities and installations, MMI can support clients with in-situ land remediation, preparing brownfield sites for re-use and quantifying environmental risk in M&A.