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Fire and Blast Engineering 2018-03-12T10:13:21-04:00

Fire and Blast Engineering

MMI Engineering provides considerable expertise to oil and gas majors in calculating hazard loads, assessing fire and blast protection for adequacy and the design, analysis, specification, construction and installation of new or retrofitted fire and explosion protection schemes, such as blast walls or fire protection schemes.

MMI’s main services for Fire and Blast Engineering are:

  • Blastwall Analysis, Design and Re-assessment
  • Topsides Structural Blast Assessment
  • Blast-Resistant Control Room Design and Assessment
  • Modular and Portable Blast Resistant Enclosures
  • Passive Fire Protection (PFP) Material Condition Assessment
  • PFP Material Testing, Selection and Specification
  • Structural and Vessel Fire Load Response Analysis
  • PFP Scheme Optimisation
  • Deluge System Design

Fire and explosion hazards are a major consideration in the safe design and operation of onshore and offshore oil and gas facilities. Good fire and blast engineering to meet these hazards combines structural dynamics, non-linear material response, heat transfer, and materials technology to provide designs and demonstrations which are beyond that of traditional code design methods. MMI’s analysts and designers use best-in-class software such as ABAQUSTM, USFOSTM and VESSFIRE TM to assist in the development of fire and blast protection schemes, and provide detailed drawings and specifications enabling schemes to be installed.

Our engineers, scientists and designers are drawn from research, design, construction, installation, operations, and project management backgrounds, with many years experience in the oil, gas, and LNG industry, bringing a rare mixture of innovation and experience under one roof.