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Flow Assurance 2018-03-12T10:13:21-04:00

Flow Assurance

Keeping the pipes flowing under the most challenging conditions.

MMI provides engineering analysis and design services to provide full understanding of fluid flow systems and processes for flow assurance.

Improvements in drilling technology and high energy prices turns unviable fields into commercially attractive ventures. More challenging fields bring with them more challenging flow assurance issues with increasing cuts of water, higher pressures and temperatures and more sand. Flow assurance activities are essential to demonstrating the viability of proposed exploitation methods.

MMI provides hydraulic analysis and design services to help our clients demonstrate flow assurance including:-

  • Pipeline studies to investigate potential flow limits due to hydrate forming and waxing
  • Gas lift analysis using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to ensure effective transport of liquid and gas products through vertical pipe sections
  • Sand erosion studies
  • Valve-passing studies
  • Sub-sea systems valve, etc., operation
  • Surge analysis on loading/unloading and transmission/transfer lines for gases and liquids