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Major Accident Hazards 2018-03-12T10:13:21-04:00

Major Accident Hazards

MMI Engineering has extensive experience in the identification, quantification and mitigation of major accident hazard risks to tolerable levels.

We assist our clients in the whole spectrum of risk management activities, from Hazard Identification through consequence analysis, building and human response and the identification, design and implementation of pragmatic cost-beneficial risk reduction measures.

MMI Engineering’s strength is to be able to assist our clients at whatever stage of the risk management process they need help. We facilitate HAZIDs, HAZOPs in addition to SIL and LOPA sessions. We support operations, write safety reports and perform QRAs and other supporting safety studies. We perform detailed and high level consequence analysis and assess the performance of protective systems, buildings, barriers, humans and the environment to these consequences. Understanding the whole risk picture enables us to understand the concept of reasonable practicability when we are asked to propose risk reduction schemes. Our practical engineering background means that our clients trust us to propose, perform cost benefit, design and oversee the implementation of many risk reduction measures.