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Storage and Transportation 2017-01-31T11:06:05-05:00

Storage and Transportation

Hydrocarbon storage and transportation are as important as exploration and production, with equally large risk potential.

Extracting the hydrocarbon from the reservoir literally defines one end of a complex hydrocarbon transport network. Whether fuels are stored in tanks, or transported by ship and pipeline a loss of containment releases the same material, results in the same kinds of accident.

MMI provides assessment, assurance review and audit capabilities as well as engineering competence in the following areas:-

  • Pipeline strength calculations
  • Riser modelling
  • Offloading design
  • Major accident prevention plans for pipelines
  • Tank and tank farm design compliance post Buncefield
  • Modelling of released fluids in soils
  • FPSO and Riser Safety Critical Elements and Performance Standards
  • Pipeline release modelling
  • Loading / unloading / transfer line pressure

Storage of flammable liquids, whether in a Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) context or in tank farms requires a number of key design standards to be satisfied for safe operation. Site lay-out and design contribute to inherent safety, together with SIL rated control systems and reliable mitigation measures such as Passive Fire Protection. Should containment loss occur, MMI offers in-house methods for containment and remediation.

Where fluids are transferred by buried pipeline or downstream grid, MMI advises on actual risk levels, consult on risk mitigation measures, applies guidance such as IGEM’s Technical Documents 1 and 2, and develops Major Accident Prevention Documents. MMI has developed bespoke models for pressurised pipeline releases for both flammable gases and inert substances such as Carbon Dioxide, CO2.