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Utilities and Infrastructure 2017-07-11T05:41:57-04:00

Utilities and Infrastructure

Modern society depends on a secure and complex array of networks to deliver the high standards of living we enjoy today. Water and wastewater, electricity, gas, fuel and communications networks cross every kind of geographical divide, bringing a way of life whose simplicity belies the complex engineering that goes into guaranteeing it.

MMI Engineering provides multi-hazard reliability assessment of critical lifelines, such as water and wastewater systems. MMI specializes in the assessment and mitigation of vulnerabilities at both the system and component level in a manner that consistently incorporates the importance of each component to system operation, its vulnerability to a given hazard and the probability of occurrence of the particular hazard.

A comprehensive assessment of lifeline systems requires multi-disciplinary expertise. Our senior practitioners use their knowledge and expertise in structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, earthquake engineering, system operations, and probabilistic techniques to develop practical recommendations and retrofit designs that increases the reliability of lifeline performance.