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Public Agencies

Governments and public agencies at all levels have a keen interest in maintaining the reliability and resilience of complex infrastructure networks. MMI Engineering has consulted at all levels within government on network-wide projects and has the in-depth expertise and experience of consulting at more local levels on specific civil infrastructure.

MMI Engineering provides specialized consulting services to a range of federal, state, municipal and local clients. We have provided multi-hazard and seismic reliability assessments of over 65 water and wastewater systems owned and operated by municipal clients.

Our engineers have expertise in structural engineering services for heavy civil infrastructures such as treatment facilities, pump stations, large diameter pipelines, power transmission systems and major hydraulic structures, including dams, spillways, stilling basins, penstocks and pump stations. In the U.S., our clients include federal agencies, state agencies, municipal agencies and local governments whilst in the UK we have worked for the majority of water utility providers.