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Anti-Terrorism 2018-03-12T10:13:20-04:00


Reduce the vulnerability of critical infrastructure to terrorist attacks by applying effective mitigation strategies.

MMI Engineering provides consulting services that reduce the risk of terrorist attacks on utilities and other critical infrastructure assets. We identify the weak points in procedures and physical security using proven vulnerability assessment processes. Your physical security measures are strengthened by introduction of new mitigation strategies recommended by MMI.

Critical infrastructure items such as utilities are inviting targets to terrorists. This is due to the consequences attacks could have on the local community combined with a relative ease of access to many infrastructure key points. MMI assists clients in combating the likelihood and potential consequences of such events by applying tactics that reduce the probability that such attacks will occur by hardening the facility – making it harder to attack. In addition to reducing the probability we work to apply mitigation strategies that reduce the severity of the consequence if an attack does occur. This approach makes it harder to hit and reduces the potential payoff for the terrorist. MMI has experience in developing security programs to protect high value assets in well-developed as well as austere locations. Our approach of a targeted application of procedural and physical security measures reduces the risk our clients have to terrorist attacks. We have the ability to perform vulnerability assessments on existing facilities and integrate security as a fundamental design element in new facilities.