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Fluid Mechanics 2018-03-12T10:13:19-04:00

Fluid Mechanics

MMI provides Fluid Mechanics design and analysis services using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), network systems analysis and surge analysis.

MMI uses a combination of commercial CFD software, in-house codes, and software written specifically to satisfy our clients’ needs. We use these in combination with and to enhance traditional design methods.

Typical analysis services using CFD provided to our municipal water and wastewater treatment clients include:

  • Final (secondary) settling tank and clarifier design and optimisation
  • Primary settling tank design and optimisation
  • Inlet works improvement for effective flow and solids load delivery
  • Sludge digester mixing performance
  • Non-Newtonian analysis for sludge flow
  • SBR continuous flow and batch flow capabilities
  • UV treatment system effectiveness – how can the desired log-kill be achieved?
  • Storm tank flushing effectiveness
  • Flume precision where poor flow conditions exist
  • Disinfection performance in chlorine contact tanks, pipe loops and service reservoirs

Typical analysis services using network analysis provided to municipal water and other industrial clients include:

  • Surge analysis to determine maximum surge pressure (water hammer) and mitigate the effects due to better operational design, and use of surge relieving devices (accumulators, surge relief valves, etc.)
  • Network analysis to determine pump selection, control sequences and design assurance for complex flow delivery systems – e.g. test rigs, fire water mains, fuel supply systems

Typical analysis services using CFD to study water impoundments in the natural environment include:

  • Reservoir mixing and residence time distribution analysis to track and investigate the dispersion of contaminants
  • Calculation of dispersion of heated plumes from power station cooling water discharge
  • Sediment transport, deposition and scouring
  • Spillway profile design