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Security & Defence

Protecting the security, independence and interests of our country – at home and abroad.

MMI Engineering provides technical consulting services to support governments in the implementation of effective security and defence measures. These range from protection of front-line troops to the enhancement of national infrastructure. Our armies confront aggressors using military technologies on a worldwide stage while our security services and police protect us against domestic threats from terrorism.

Our land, sea and air military forces are internationally exposed to a wide range of hostile threats and these are countered through the use of strategy, technology and protection. As threats constantly evolve, so must the techniques to counter them. MMI specifically offers a capability to evaluate the threats posed from weapons and how to provide protection for troops, vehicles and infrastructure. Protection on a domestic, or homeland, environment is controlled by our security services, which use multiple systems and techniques to gather intelligence, assess threats and protect infrastructure so that our nations remain resilient to terrorist attack. MMI works closely with national security advisors and operators of major infrastructure to contribute assessment and design services to protect against the effects of a range of explosion, fragmentation and fire threats from person-borne improvised explosive devices, through car bombs, to large scale aircraft impact.