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Blast Engineering 2017-07-11T06:08:19-04:00

Blast Engineering

The risk from explosives can be managed to tolerable levels by applying sound blast engineering principles.

MMI Engineering has many years’ experience in performing blast engineering to understand and mitigate the consequences from accidental explosions or attacks by terrorists. MMI works with the Defence Industry to address explosive safety requirements at their facilities. We also analyse potential malicious attacks and consult on how to reduce the risk from such events.

Explosions can be the result of accidents involving explosives or malicious attack. MMI supports the design of facilities using blast engineering analysis techniques to protect both people and property. Using the leading blast modeling techniques we determine the loadings from potential events. These analyses are then used in structural response analysis to assess existing facilities or develop new designs incorporating mitigation strategies. We are well versed in applying the explosive safety siting requirements of NATO countries and international corporations. Our work includes analysis of a wide range of explosive threats from single mortar or rocket attacks to large vehicle bombs and weapon stores. Our technical expertise is coupled with experience in the development of weapon systems and anti-terrorist operations, which assist in threat definition.