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Vulnerability Assessments 2018-03-12T10:13:19-04:00

Vulnerability Assessments

Due to a changing world, existing facilities may be required to meet enhanced security requirements. What is the next step?

MMI Engineering offers security vulnerability assessments to help facility owners assess their as-built facility against a range of security threats. A combination of facility walkdown and desktop study is used to form an opinion of the facility vulnerability. Recommendations are made to support decisions regarding enhancement of physical protection and security systems.

Changes in the security environment may mean that existing facilities, which were not originally designed to resist hostile acts, become exposed to such requirements. Facility owners may decide to enhance their protection for their own reasons or they may be compelled by government requirements. In any case the first step is to establish the inherent vulnerability of the existing facility infrastructure. It is important to recognize that most forms of construction possess a basic resistance to the effects of bomb blast and this should be recognized in any vulnerability assessment to ensure a cost-effective upgrade is developed. MMI has the experience to assess most types of construction to effects such as bomb blast, incendiary attack and vehicle impact and it uses this knowledge in conjunction with the defined threats to evaluate the likely consequences of postulated attacks. If the consequences are intolerable, MMI could assist with developing an effective enhancement programme which takes account of existing constraints as far as is practicable.