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The use of numerical methods to simulate the behaviour of engineered systems during operations and accidents brings major benefits in understanding, which is essential to decision makers.
Designing structures and components to mitigate the effects of major hazards, or deliberate attack, is part science, part art. MMI has established itself as a recognised provider of novel and innovative design solutions to meet some of the most demanding loading conditions, including fire, blast, earthquake and impact.
MMI’s world leading PFP practice brings together experienced practitioners and project personnel, offering independent advice and practical solutions in a subject area that appears simple in theory, but is difficult to achieve in reality.
MMI Engineering has extensive knowledge of fluid mechanics and heat transfer processes, which we regularly apply to engineering problems across different industry sectors.
MMI Engineering prides itself on being able to understand how good design translates into safe design, and that the loads in structures are not reacted at grade level. We have years of experience within the geotechnical field, and as such, we have gained valuable knowledge.
Most of what we do in some way contributes to improvements in process safety. Whether it is consequence modelling of major accident hazard scenarios, a risk based justification of specific and temporary operational conditions, human reliability analysis or design of a structure to withstand extreme conditions.
As you build resilience, you become more able to prevent or mitigate stresses and shocks that you can identify.  You are also better able to respond to those you cannot predict or avoid. Traditional approaches to business continuity do not paint the whole picture. Our approach considers both shocks and stresses and the interaction between the two.
MMI Engineering provides technical consulting services to enable effective risk management. We assist our clients in the analysis, mitigation and management of risks posed by natural and man-made hazards present in a range of industries.
Our design expertise focuses on structural systems exposed to high demand loading conditions, such as earthquakes, extreme winds, hurricanes, fire, and blast. We specialise in the design of strengthening schemes and retrofits for industrial facilities, buildings, refinery structures, offshore platforms and water and petrochemical storage tanks.
Understanding the whole problem across all disciplines and constraints, rather than focusing solely on the individual elements, allows us to deliver solutions that are manageable and meet our clients’ needs – delivering fit-for-purpose solutions to time, quality and cost.