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Design & Assessment

Design & Assessment 2018-09-21T13:51:51-04:00

Whether developing a new design or assessing an existing structure or component, it’s all about getting the details right.

Designing structures and components to mitigate the effects of major hazards, or deliberate attack, is part science, part art. MMI has established itself as a recognised provider of novel and innovative design solutions to meet some of the most demanding loading conditions, including fire, blast, earthquake and impact.

Our starting point is always to recognise that for any design solution to succeed, it must be safely built and installed. By combining expertise in code-based design, advanced engineering analysis, destructive testing, fabrication and construction, MMI can provide fully substantiated designs, from concept right through to oversight of construction and installation. Whether it’s a new facility, or a challenging retrofit scheme, MMI can deliver a design solution to meet the most demanding loading and integrity requirements.

The assessment of existing structures and components is often a critical activity for many facility operators, and can have far reaching implications for the continued operation and integrity of assets. Fully understanding the current, as-built condition of the elements in question is paramount. MMI has a strong track record in assessing and reappraising a wide range of structures and components, in many cases demonstrating previously unrecognised capacity, or, identifying potential remedial measures to support continued safety and integrity. Our techniques range from experienced-based, qualitative assessment, through to detailed computational analysis, fatigue and fracture mechanics methods.

Whether it’s a new design, or looking afresh at an existing facility, MMI’s engineers and scientists are well placed to help get those details right.

MMI joined Thornton Tomasetti in 2018. Related services include Critical Infrastructure Security & Resilience, Petrochemical & Oil Services Engineering and Protective Design.