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Fluid Mechanics

Fluid Mechanics 2020-12-07T11:44:41-05:00

Fluid dynamics, heat transfer and reacting flows.

MMI Engineering has extensive knowledge of fluid mechanics and heat transfer processes, which we regularly apply to engineering problems across different industry sectors.

Many engineers within MMI have studied detailed aspects of fluid flow and heat transfer phenomenon to PhD level, and have published in journals and conferences world-wide. This fundamental knowledge of fluid dynamics, hydraulics and reacting flows is supplemented by the use of modern analysis tools, including CFD, FEA and Fluid Network Modelling, using a range of commercial and internally developed tools.

MMI Engineering has expertise with ANSYS-CFX, ANSYS-Fluent, Flowmaster, Open-FOAM, Code-Saturne, FLACS, KFX and many other fluid modelling tools. We have expertise in certain specialist areas, which have resulted in the development of new techniques, bespoke software tools and modifications to commercial software to address complex coupled systems. These specialist areas include conjugate heat transfer (combined conduction, convection and thermal radiation) for systems such as nuclear transport flasks, aircraft wing anti-icing and boiler heat exchangers, where these systems can also include boiling and condensing phase change heat and mass transfer.

MMI joined Thornton Tomasetti in 2018. Related services include Computational Fluid Dynamics.