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Asset Management

Asset Management 2018-03-12T10:13:19-04:00

Management of organisations’ physical and intangible assets is crucial to delivering long-term value for stakeholders, especially as organisations are pushed to do more for less.

Asset Management is more than just a buzz word, it is a methodology which an organisation can use to influence its Management Systems, and focus on the whole life cycle impact of decisions rather than solely looking at short term implications. Our personnel have provided support at all levels from individual equipment decisions through to advising regulatory bodies.  This includes support across standards such as ISO 55000.  For example, the following list presents the 39 subjects of Asset Management as defined by “An Anatomy of Asset Management” from the Institution of Asset Management:

  • Strategy and Planning: Asset Management Policy; Asset Management Strategy and Objectives; Demand Analysis; Strategic Planning; Asset Management Planning
  • Asset Management Decision-Making: Capital Investment Decision-Making; Operations and Maintenance Decision-Making; Life Cycle Value Realisation; Resourcing Strategy; Shutdowns and Outage Strategy
  • Life Cycle Activities: Technical Standards and Legislation; Asset Creation and Acquisition; Systems Engineering; Configuration Management; Maintenance Delivery; Reliability Engineering; Asset Operations; Resource Management; Shutdown and Outage Management; Fault and Incident Response; Asset Decommissioning and Disposal
  • Asset Information: Asset Information Strategy; Asset Information Standards; Asset Information Systems; Data and Information Management
  • Organisation and People: Procurement and Supply Chain Management; Asset Management Leadership; Organisational Structure; Organisational Culture; Competence Management
  • Risk and Review: Risk Assessment and Management; Contingency Planning and Resilience Analysis; Sustainable Development; Management of Change; Assets Performance and Health Monitoring; Asset Management System Monitoring; Management Review, Audit and Assurance; Asset Costing and Valuation; Stakeholder Engagement

We employ highly qualified professionals with experience in design, construction, commissioning, operations, and decommissioning.  Our SQEP personnel utilise their operational experience to influence and support at all levels of enterprises.