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Requirements Management

Requirements Management 2018-07-23T16:37:15-04:00

Whether developing a new or replacing an existing system, specifying the right problem and managing its delivery throughout the project lifecycle is key to getting the right solution for the right price on time.

All too often projects deliver late or deliver a solution which does not meet the end-users requirements, for which there are countless causes.  Requirements Engineering and Management is a structured discipline which helps prevent such issues and enables the end-users requirements to be articulated in such a manner that:

  • It appropriately bounds the need without predisposing a solution
  • It articulates the requirement to prevent confusion
  • It provides auditability to source to demonstrate the need for the requirement, as each requirement costs money
  • It pragmatically develops requirements in a hierarchy aligned to the design phases
  • It provides progressive assurance of the design development and solution procurement and/or manufacture

This approach limits iterative design deviations, whilst framing the problem in a way that enables designers to design and foster innovation.  Where appropriate we use IBM DOORs software to develop a fully linked, auditable hierarchy of requirements to manage technical progress through from conception to operations, that can include the full body of evidence on which the requirements are based.

MMI personnel are experienced in working with clients to understand and articulate the real needs of the end-users, their success criteria and assure the delivery throughout the project lifecycle:-

  • Requirements management
  • Requirements management plans
  • Validation & verification plans
  • All levels of requirements documentation (e.g. User Requirements Documents (URD), System Requirements Documents (SRD), etc.)
  • Develop & manage DOORs databases
  • Decision support & analysis
  • Risk analysis & mitigation development
  • Configuration & data management
  • Audit & intelligent customer roles