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Ventilation Systems 2018-03-12T10:13:21-04:00

Ventilation Systems

MMI Engineering has the expertise to design and assess ventilation systems to ensure risks of contamination are managed.

MMI engineering has the expertise to design ventilation systems to reduce the risk of contamination from harmful airborne substances and to ensure safe operational procedures and equipment are implemented. We assist our clients in designing ventilation ducting and assessing system control of emergency ventilation equipment.

Our use of network modelling tools enables us to determine optimum pipe sizes and layouts to minimise pressure losses and ensure adequate ventilation flow under normal HVAC requirements. Analysis of event scenarios, such as glove-box failure, enables us to assess emergency responses to system failures, ensuring appropriate equipment is selected to maintain safe operation. Additionally, we can assess specific ventilation scenarios, such as hydrogen releases using CFD tools, such as ANSYS-CFX.