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Other Services

MMI Engineering uses Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for assessing the performance of water treatment assets, 1D models for pipe network assessments and GPSX/BioWin for process treatment simulation.

MMI offers modelling services for optimising all of the following…

Clean Water:-

Chlorine Contact Tanks
Pipe Loops
UV Disinfection
Surge / Network Flow Distribution
Pump Sump Analysis


Combined Sewer Over Flows
Storm Tanks
Flow / Load Balancing
Primary Tanks
Aeration Lanes
Final Tanks
Sequencing Batch Reactors
Phosphorous Removal
Pump Sump Analysis
UV Disinfection

The case studies below provide information on optimisation of Sequencing Batch Reactors, UV Disinfection and Phosphorous Removal.

Case Studies and Capability Statements

North Down and Ards WwTW

Weymouth SBR

UV Disinfection

Phosphorous Removal

Pump Sump Analysis