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Commercial Security 2018-03-12T10:13:19-04:00

Commercial Security

A nation must be resilient to hostile attack. Critical national infrastructure supports national resilience and should be designed accordingly.

MMI Engineering offers technical consulting services to help commercial clients interpret and implement Counter-Terrorist Measures (CTM) when required by security services. Details of protective design technology are guarded closely and design considerations are not trivial. The perceived implications of incorporating CTM are daunting and considerable skill is required to manage them during the design process.

If a privately-owned building is perceived to be a potential target for terrorists or other aggressors and the consequences of an attack would incur significant financial loss, the building owner may wish to protect the building to some degree. If the building forms part of the critical national infrastructure or has high public occupancy, then the security services may impose CTM requirements to protect the public or enhance national resilience. In either case the design team is faced with numerous decisions regarding site layout, building sizes, shapes and locations, performance requirements and the strategy for protection to be employed. MMI has the experience to assist in the identification of credible threats, development of a cost-effective protection strategy, the selection of suitable performance requirements and the detailed implementation of a range of design measures ranging from perimeter security through to building enhancement and personnel screening.