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Resilience Framework

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MMI’s resilience team integrates input from our technical experts to offer a holistic approach to resilience that is in alignment with BS 65000 Organizational Resilience standard. We support our clients to create a comprehensive understanding of the resilience of their organization or asset. We follow the process laid out in our “Roadmap to Resilience”. We start by understanding the value that your organization delivers through a series of workshops and stakeholders interviews. This allows objectives to be agreed and set around resilience. We perform a shock and stress assessment for your organization. This look at hazards such as flooding, earthquake, fire etc. but also consider stresses such as geopolitical factors, climate change, technological advances (automation and AI) and how these interact with each other. We also look to the future and how these shocks and stresses may change over time. This allows us to really help future proof your organization.

Next, we understand the systems that deliver value within your organization and identify where critical vulnerabilities exist and how they may be impacted by the identified shocks and stresses. These vulnerabilities will include physical infrastructure and systems but also the people within the organization and risk governance processes and culture. We have a unique adaptive capacity survey that measures the agility of your organization, which coupled with our review of risk mitigation measures provides a rounded picture of the resilience of your organization.

We provide a measurement of the resilience of your organization or asset through our innovative resilience framework, on the next page. This provides a baseline of where you currently are and helps prioritize areas for improvement. This quantitative measure will also assist you in building the business case for investing in resilience measures as the cost-bene t can be clearly measured and articulated over time.

Roadmap to Resilience

Providing a comprehensive insight into your organization’s resilience.

Our innovative, multi-factor resilience framework considers all aspects of an organization and its supply chain and is centred around how it delivers value. This gives a comprehensive quick snapshot of how resilient your organization is and where more focus is needed.

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