MMI Engineering are pleased to announce that, as of 29 September 2017, we offer an Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) Training Scheme.

The Training Scheme is a structured programme which sets out how employers will help trainees obtain the skills, knowledge and experience required to complete the Initial Professional Development (IPD) stage to become professionally qualified.

Tim Ashworth, who was instrumental in setting up this scheme, commented “MMI Engineering relies heavily on training its employees, together with potential future employees. Through Continuing Professional Development (CPD), we aim to increase and broaden the skills base of anyone who comes into the business.”

The ICE training scheme forms a significant part of MMI Engineering’s training, enabling employees on the scheme to continually develop their skills and competencies to realise their full potential. We are committed to nurturing, encouraging, mentoring and developing employees to gain these professional qualifications, and believe we provide a unique opportunity, through significant ‘on-the-job’ experience, complemented by formal training courses to gain the knowledge, skills and competencies required to become the engineers and managers of the future.

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