Robert Bruce (Malaysia) will deliver a keynote address at the 30th Symposium of Malaysian Chemical Engineers to be held at Monash University in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on December 6-7, 2017.

Robert’s topic will be “Is there a need for a First Principles Curriculum?” The theme of the conference is Bridging the University-Industry Divide. He will represent MMI Engineering, a division of Geosyntec.

Robert is a Senior Principal Engineer based in Malaysia with more than 30 years of experience focused on geotechnical, environmental, and civil engineering projects. Robert specializes in the design and management of complex environmental remediation projects, and engineering and construction related to oil and natural gas exploration, production, and processing in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Peru, Columbia, Bangladesh, China, Turkey, Philippines, Cambodia and the US.

The Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) is the global professional membership organization for chemical, biochemical and process engineers, and other professionals involved in the chemical, process and bioprocess industries. With a membership exceeding 44,000 members in over 120 countries, and offices in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and the U.K.; IChemE aims to be the organization of choice for chemical engineers. They promote competence and a commitment to best practice, advance the discipline for the benefit of society and support the professional development of our members. They are the only organization licensed to award Chartered Chemical Engineer and Professional Process Safety Engineer status.

Keynote Abstract

There are continuing pressures in the academic world to compress more and more technical information into the curriculum. But is this coming at the cost of a more robust understanding of basic principles. Who is driving this trend? industry, students, professional organizations? Have designs become more complex because we have a work force that more readily turns to advanced techniques at the cost of simpler and typically more inherently safe designs. Are we driving common sense and practicality out of our curriculum?

Universities have an important role to play in carrying out research to improve knowledge and understanding that can enhance the well-being of all. Fundamental research is vital in the advancement of scientific understanding. Engineers like to believe that their research can make a direct impact on society. Even at the more fundamental level they aim to make a difference. Beyond this, helping to come up with new ideas to help solve the problems of industry is very rewarding. This could be new methods and applications to improve efficiency or to help solve problems related to health, safety, the environment and sustainability.

It is key to all this that researchers have a good understanding of the problems that are facing society in general and industry in particular. The aim of this conference, therefore, is to try and bring together participants from both Universities and Industry, so that ideas and issues can be shared and partnerships formed to enhance future research.

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