Caroline Field (Bristol) will present at a Breakfast Workshop entitled “Leading Resilient Organisations” on Thursday, 22 March 2018.

The breakfast meeting will address the fundamental issues in leading resilient organisations in a turbulent age. The practical issues and implications will be reviewed and discussed, to identify the success factors and how to measure progress.

A good resilient organisation can successfully weather a crisis. It can also identify long term challenges such as AI and climate change as well as build organisational agility to be able to absorb and adapt. The challenges can expose risks but also present opportunities. Those with the foresight to embrace change and prepare for it can reap competitive advantage.

The speakers include Caroline Field, Principal, Resilience Practice, MMI Engineering; Hazel McLaughlin, Partner and Business Psychologist, OE Cam; Robert Hall, Director, Security & Resilience Network, London First.

Caroline Field is a Principal Civil Engineer with more than 20 years of professional experience in the de­sign and analysis of a wide range of structures for the built environment. She specializes in the field of structural resilience to extreme events, specifically earthquakes, explosions and progressive collapses.

The workshop is hosted by Barings in conjunction with MMI Engineering, OE Cam, and Nichols.

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