SIRF Roundtables (SIRF Rt) provides a structured environment for its members, who come from a wide range of industries, to meet and learn from each other.  The aim of this business improvement network is to seek out and share leading edge business practices and facilitate sharing between members.

On November 25th, SIRF Rt is hosting a roundtable event focussing on Major Hazard Facilities.  Many companies fall into the category of being classified as a major hazard facility for varying reasons – Chemicals stored on site, risk of explosion, types of products or raw materials can all contribute to the classification.  Experts and people who manage some of these facilities will present during this roundtable event, topics to be discussed include:

  • Functional Safety Management: ‘The Regulator’s Perspective’
  • Occupied Buildings Assessments
  • Process Safety Audits

MMI’s Andrew Nelson, a Senior Principle based in Perth, will lead the “Occupied Buildings Assessments” session.  Andrew will thoroughly address the blast resistance of occupied buildings, which is often characterised simply in terms of overpressure.  By recognising that the blast resistance of buildings is governed by a number of factors, Andy will discuss the real risks to occupants, and the appropriate mitigating or risk reduction actions that should be taken.

The event is taking place at the East Fremantle Yacht Club in Perth, Australia.  For more information, please click here.