MMI Engineering are pleased to announce their involvement in the Clay Mills Sewage Treatment Works project described in the UK Water Projects 2013 article written by Adrian Bancroft (Programme Manager Severn Trent) and Richard Thomson (Project Manager MWH) with a contribution by Dr Andrew Grand (Senior Consultant MMI Engineering).

This article describes the new activated sludge plant, sludge thickening scheme, acid phase digester and CHP installed to improve the performance of the digestion plant and increase the green energy generated from biogas. To view the article, click the following link:

MMI provided the Computational Fluid Dynamics expertise to assess the performance of the acid phase digester.This included accurately representing the effects of non-Newtonian sludge rheology, temperature gradients, along with the interaction between the biogas and sludge when gas mixing was in operation. This study determined that transfer pumps were not necessary and could be replaced by cross-connections between the inner and outer tanks with minimal short-circuiting.

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