Deephams Sewerage Treatment Works, which is located in East London, is the ninth largest works in the UK and serves a population equivalent of 891,000 (as of 2011).  In order to cater for increasing population growth, meet new wastewater quality standards, be prepared for weather variations and to replace an ageing plant, a major upgrade has been undertaken by phased replacement of existing treatment streams.  The upgrade includes new primary settlement tanks, activated sludge plant (ASP) lanes and final settlement tanks (FSTs), with the capacity of the new treatment streams being greater than the streams being replaced.

Dr. Egarr’s article for UK Water Projects focusses on the work undertaken by MMI Engineering for this particular project.  Dr. Egarr’s team assisted the site designers by undertaking computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis of the mixing chamber, aeration lanes and FSTs in order to demonstrate which designs were robust and to provide design solutions where performance could be improved.

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