The aim of the Institute of Explosives Engineers (IExpE) is to establish and oversee National Occupational Standards for the Explosives Industry, and to provide a forum that enables and promotes consultation between individuals, professional private organisations, government departments and armed forces experts from within industry.

Between April 3rd – April 4th, the IExpE will host their 2017 AGM, Dinner and Conference.  This year, the conference theme is based on “Development, Issues and Solutions”.

Dr. Stoddart’s primary areas of expertise are in structural analysis and response, skills that he has applied within the security, nuclear and hydrocarbon industries.  He has analysed and assessed structures and subsystems (such as railway stations, offshore platforms, pipework systems, nuclear facilities, dock systems, etc.) for a variety of extreme and accidental loading conditions on behalf of a number of high-profile projects.  He will present his paper, “Structural Response of Building Facades and Architectural Features to Explosion Loads”, on April 4th. To download a copy of the abstract, please click here.