The 27th European Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems, which will be held on the 7th of September in Brighton, will provide a venue for both academic and industrial researchers to meet and share recent developments in the field of atomization and spray systems.

The modelling of the dissipation rate of the fuel mass fraction is often required for closure of the reaction rate in turbulent flames. Dr. Malkeson’s presentation, “Analysis of fuel mass fraction dissipation rate transport in turbulent flame-droplet interaction: A Direct Numerical Simulation study”, examines the modelling of the fuel mass fraction dissipation rate and its transport equation in the context of RANS simulations for the combustion of fuel sprays in a turbulent environment. A database of Direct Numerical Simulations of turbulent spray flames have been analysed and models have been developed that capture the qualitative and quantitative behaviour of the unclosed terms in the fuel mass fraction dissipation rate transport equation for turbulent spray flames. The insights gained from the current study and the developed models can aide in the design of future generations of higher efficiency, lower emission combustion devices.

Dr. Malkeson’s presentation has been co-authored by Prof. Nilanjan Chakraborty (Newcastle University), Dr. Daniel Wacks (Durham University) and Lizhong Yi (Newcastle University).