Dr Simon Thurlbeck, MMI Engineering’s Managing Director and one of the company’s founders, has been appointed to the role of President of MMI.  “I have asked Simon Thurlbeck, who was one of the founders of our UK practice, to assume the role as President of our company and he has accepted the position, effective immediately,” said Dr Villet, MMI’s current CEO and President.  “I am excited about this change as I believe it will build on our strengths and allow for full coordination amongst our offices.  I am also confident Simon will be an inspirational leader for our firm.”

Dr Thurlbeck established MMI’s operations in the UK and Australia, and the company has been offering engineering risk management services to a wide range of clients across all industry sectors from the UK since 2002.

“I would like to thank Billy for his kind words and for having a vision to conceive the idea of MMI, and then lead the company as President and CEO to where it is today,” Dr Thurlbeck said.  “We are now ready to take MMI to the next stage of its evolution and capitalise on the excellent reputation we have developed over the last 13 years for delivering high quality work.  We have moved on from the days when people said “who?” when we used the MMI name to the present day where we are a recognised brand with a track record of successes behind us.  My goal is to grow and develop MMI to be one of the world’s leading, independent, consulting companies offering our unique blend of integrated services.”