MMI Engineering joined the IChemE Safety Centre (ISC) in September 2014 and has since supported the centre on a number of fronts, one of those being the 2015/16 ISC working groups to develop guidance documents for Process Safety Competency [1] and Leading Process Safety Metrics [2]. Both documents are now available as a free download from the IChemE Safety Centre website (see reference links below).

MMI Principal Consultants, Paul Heierman-Rix (Perth) and Garry Law (Melbourne) were recognised by the ISC for their contributions to both documents in May 2015, as were the contributions from several Operating Partner member companies including Woodside, Quadrant Energy (formally Apache Energy), ConocoPhillips, Orica, Santos, Shell, Rio Tinto and the Todd Corporation.

Furthermore, in Sept 2015 at the Asia Pacific Confederation of Chemical Engineers Congress in Melbourne, Trish Kerin (ISC Director) was awarded the 2015 Engineers Australia College of Chemical Engineers John A Brodie Medal for achievement in Chemical Engineering.  This was for her paper and presentation on Process Safety Competence. In an email to ISC members following the award, Trish stated that “this award recognises the great work that we have done in the competency space, and it is great to be acknowledged by the broader chemical engineering community for the work we are doing together in the ISC.”

The ISC membership continues to grow and is split into three partnership groups: Operating, Industry and Supporting categories.  MMI Engineering is an Industry Partner.

[1] Process Safety Competence – a model, 2015, IChemE Safety Centre Guidance, download at:

[2] Lead Process Safety Metrics – Selecting, Tracking and Learning, 2015, IChemE Safety Centre Guidance, download at:

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