MMI has worked on behalf of Sellafield Ltd since 2008. Our nuclear expertise has enabled us to advise on hazard and risk reduction at the four historic legacy ponds and silos, to support the design justifications of the Silo Emptying Plant (SEP) retrieval machine, and to assess the integrity of waste packages under various accident scenarios. This is just a selection of projects we have undertaken, and we are currently supporting the Box Encapsulation Plant (BEP) Team.

We have been asked by Sellafield Ltd if we would like to contribute to their upcoming Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics teaching initiative at UTC Warrington, which will involve a GDF (Geological Disposal Facility) based project for Year 10’s (age 14) and a New Build based project for a Year 12’s (age 16). It is likely that these projects will be rolled out to more schools in Warrington and Cumbria later in the year.

Over eight weeks, each two-hour session at UTC Warrington will focus on a specific task, e.g. in the first session, students will determine the site location of their proposed GDF/New Build, and Sellafield Ltd, together with select company representatives from the Sellafield Ltd Supply Chain, will answer any questions that the students might have surrounding the planning and development of their GDF/New Build. During the final session in eight weeks’ time, students will present their New Build/GDF designs, justifying them with what they have learnt from industry.

MMI recognises the importance of teaching Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to the younger generation, and has worked with over the years to encourage young adults to pursue these subject areas in higher education. We will, of course, be supporting Sellafield Ltd with their current initiative, and MMI’s Tim Ingram will be on-hand for three sessions.  Tim is a Systems Engineer and Asset Management specialist, with a track record in supporting operational facilities across a range of industries, including Nuclear, Defence, Oil & Gas, and Renewables.  Tim is also currently leading our support to Sellafield Ltd’s BEP Team.

To find out more about our work with Sellafield Ltd, and within the Nuclear Industry in general, please download our brochure.